Yurek edge of extinction book cover

Yurek Edge of Extinction

A Ben Tavers Adventure

The Story:
Teen sasquatch Yurek is suffering from a serious affliction killing many of his peers and he boldly leaves his high-mountain home, seeking human help to find a cure. Ben Tavers’ old mysterious hunch-backed friend Booling has been enlisted to find the runaway sasquatch and return him to his clan.
Professor Fenton, creator of numerous sasquatch hoaxes, is also involved in the Yurek “hunt.” Ben, Booling and Ben’s 16-year-old cousin Ally must find the teen sasquatch before the sinister professor and provide Yurek with the necessary medicine before it is too late. When Booling is captured, Ben and Ally join with Yurek and a strong bond of trust and friendship is formed as the trio of teens attempt to rescue Booling and thwart the professor’s plans. An even more traitorous scheme is gradually unveiled leading to a dramatic and surprising conclusion.
From the streets of Vancouver to the aqua-marine waters of alpine lakes, glistening glaciers, and rustic cabins in the remote wilderness, Ben is in unfamiliar territory. Yurek too, is bewildered, and learns, with a mix of wonder and humour, about human ‘culture’ including kayaks, clothing, rifles, and money. As Ben and Yurek grapple with the unfamiliar, a powerful bond of understanding and trust develops between the teens. Their tolerant nature enables them to see past the obvious differences and focus on the many similarities that unites them in a common purpose to thwart evil.

This 2013 novel was sold out and the original publisher has ceased operations. It is currently out of print, though there may be a second and third printing in the near future.

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