Smugglers at the Lighthouse book cover

Smugglers at the Lighthouse

A Ben Tavers Adventure

The Story:
Toronto-born and Vancouver-raised, 13-year-old Ben Tavers is a true “city-boy.” His small stature and his close friendships with elderly citizens make him somewhat of an outcast with his peers. Accepting an offer to stay with his cousins in a small community on the rugged west coast of Vancouver Island, Ben joins them for a hike along a winding trail that crosses untamed beaches, traverses rocky headlands, and snakes through the moss-strewn rainforest.
A storm ravages a rickety rope bridge spanning a deep canyon, separating Ben from his older cousins. Searching for an alternate route, his frequent tangles with a persistent eagle leads to a connection with a mysterious elderly mystic named Booling. Together the unlikely duo must rescue Ben’s cousins from an evil drug smuggler and thwart the man’s illegal operation.
Adventure, mystery, and magic mix with the poser of tolerance and friendship as the 200-page young adult novel winds to an exciting conclusion.

This 2010 novel was sold out and the original publisher has ceased operations. It is currently out of print, though there may be a second and third printing in the near future.

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