High School Edubabble

No one said teaching teenagers would be easy!

It’s All About…

The unending tsunami of fluffy education sloganeering prompts this follow-up glossary with over 350 quick-read entries. It is specifically geared to high school, a workplace like no other, filled with the angst, passion, and zany antics of adolescents. The quirks and foibles of students, teachers, principals, and parents paint a colourful panorama that fills the high school canvas.

A humour-filled satirical work such as this must include the impact of technology on teachers and students. Unlike previous generations, today’s teachers face tech-addled youths who are drowning in a churning sea of information, much of it of dubious quality. And it is difficult for teachers to maintain standards of truth-telling, respectful discourse, and the use of facts over bluster with their students when such behaviour appears to be absent from many societal leaders. This disconnect between behaviour expected from teens and that demonstrated by adults provides ample opportunities for satirical comment.

A Great Gift:
Any educator, current or retired, needs a chuckle, a smile, perhaps even a guffaw or two. A teaching career is a wonderful yet challenging expedition that is full of adventure. Hopefully a little High School Edubabble humour can help navigate the difficult terrain and make the journey that is teaching in high schools all the more enjoyable.

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The Praise:


Every page will elicit a chuckle or two, if not outright laughter. Woolman gives us a touch of education reality through the vehicle of humour.

Roy Londry – High School Teacher


A charming and funny introduction to the world inhabited by students, teachers, and administrators. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Nancy Cox – High School Teacher

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