Waggish novels and humorous glossaries take aim at a unique workplace.

The work is not well understood by those outside the field. The system rarely tops the list of government priorities. The salary level will never make anyone wealthy. And yes, people who have never worked in the system, be they politicians, parents, journalists, or education professors, are not shy about voicing opinions on how the system can be improved.

Despite this, a career in education is a wonderful, yet challenging journey, made easier by educators being able to laugh at themselves and see the humour that abounds in the unique workplace called school.

From a life-long educator, (teacher, counsellor, principal, Superintendent/CEO), comes novels and short-entry glossaries that will bring a smile, a chuckle, and a satisfying nod that someone understands the distinctive work, the jargon, and the frequently frustrating bureaucracy impacts that teachers and school administrators on a daily basis.








Dragons at the Schoolhouse Door: A Novel of Schooling

Set in 2011, and a stand-alone sequel to Hepting’s Road, principal Steve Hepting seeks help from a quirky set of characters, including custodian, “Tiny” Little, to thwart a nefarious plan hatched by Superintendent, Jennifer Capelli. Satire and mystery combine in this part-comedic, part-farcical tale about an attempt to transform public education using online learning. NB - The novel was completed just prior to the changes wrought by COVID 19.


Hepting’s Road: A Novel of Teaching

Stock broker Steve Hepting is caught in the tech bust of 2001-02. Turning to teaching, he works with disadvantaged teens such as “Tiny” Little. He tangles with Principal, Jennifer Capelli who arranges a mid-year transfer to an elementary school. Hepting considers leaving the profession. But as decisions are to be made, a swirl of unforeseen events force him to reflect on what he regards as important when choosing a career road that will lead him to a satisfying destination.


High School Edubabble: A Teacher-Talk Glossary

There is no profession like teaching and no workplace like a high school, filled with the angst, passion, and zany antics of adolescents. With so much to lampoon, there are over three hundred entries that satirize teacher jargon, tech-addled teens, workplace oddities, and establishing appropriate ethical and behavioural standards for students when those seem to be lacking in many of society’s leaders.


Edubabble: A Glossary of Teacher-Talk

“No one would believe this stuff. Someone should write it down.” This faculty-lounge comment, directed at the quirks and foibles of the teacher workplace, prompted the first of the Edubabble series. Relentless jargon and a peculiar system make for a goldmine of satire. With over three-hundred entries, any teacher or school administrator will enjoy the satirical humour directed toward the education system and a workplace called school.


Smugglers at the Lighthouse/Yurek: Edge of Distinction

These two young-adult adventure novels were released by Moosehide Books in 2010 and 2013. Go to the Young Adult tab for more information.


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